Friday, October 24, 2008

Climate Change and Coastal Wetlands

Introduction to the problem
By Sarah Weil
Everyday, the earth is impacted by global climate change. Climate change not only affects the weather but also in turn has negative impacts on many aspects of the world. One of the areas affected by global warming are coastal wetlands. The effects include a rise in sea level and increased temperatures, which change the make-up of coastal habitats and contaminate drinking water. Global warming has also resulted in stronger and more frequent hurricanes and the disappearance of coastal lands. In reaction to these threats, those in the coastal area need to revise the way they live and adapt to more earth-friendly methods of farming, industry, and oil refining.

Why I selected this example: Because S. Weil introduced the focus topic 'Effect of climate change in coastal wetlands' right away. Mirna Santana

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