Saturday, October 25, 2008

Global Warming’s Effects on Biodiversity

By Griff Gessay

Case scenario (edited by MS)
While many people, think that a few degrees warmer in winter cannot possibly be a bad thing, they often fail to recognize the full effects of a few degrees of climatic difference. Each species of plant and animals is adapted to the climate in which they currently live. Global warming forces species to adapt to new circumstances rapidly. If species can not adapt or migrate to seek their optimal conditions, they could face the risk of extinction. The Green ringtail possums, which live in Australia’s tropical rain forests is an example of an organism that may not adapt to climate change. This animal loses the ability to thermoregulate at temperatures exceeding 30 degrees centigrade--86 F. Thus, a heat wave in this forests could exterminate this species in a short time (Impacts 2005).

I feel that elevating temperatures are changing the Earth faster than anyone can imagine. Destroying an animal’s habitat is analogous to destroying someone’s home, and forcing them to adapt to it. It’s something that is unethical for us to do to them. Besides damaging them directly, we also hurt ourselves by destroying natural space that provides ecosystem services to us. These services would cost too much for humans to recreate, so even the most economically minded person should want to protect natural space. While we’re doing a very good job identifying the problem, I still think very few people are committed to a solution. We’re too used to our consumer lifestyle to simply change. It’s going to take quite a shock to change the way many of us act in developed nations, but it’s a shock we need to get in order to save the planet’s biodiversity.

Why I selected this paper? G. Gessay made a good case about how species may or may not cope with rapid climatic changes. I posted a piece of his essay to place his opinion in context. You could clearly see that he is showing what is his personal take on the problem. Of course there are multiple ways to show your opinion. This is a good place to display your creativity.

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