Friday, October 24, 2008

Health Impacts of Global Warming

By Heather Hruskocy (Edited by MS)

The extreme rise in temperature has caused heat waves throughout specific areas. Heat waves can be particularly harmful to lower income populations and the elder living in the inner city. Some of their houses may not have good ventilation systems, which increases the probability of people suffering from heat stroke or dehydration. Heat may also contribute to ozone smog. Smog forms when pollutants in the air mix with sunlight, heat, and gases (Kay, 2007). Highly polluted air during ozone warning days, makes people vulnerable to asthma attacks, bronchitis, and emphysema. Children, who have not fully developed their lung capacity, may suffer from lung damage from breathing this unhealthy air (Environmental Defense Fund, 2008). Both of these issues may increase hospital admissions.

Kay, Jane. 2007. Global Warming Health Effects. The San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 16 issue.
Environmental Defense Fund. 2008. Global Warming. Sept. 16, Press release .

Why I selected this example? H. Hruskocy clearly points out some of the most common health issues related to increases in temperature in the Midwest. In addition, H. Hruskocy assertively use her selected sources to provide evidence for her argument. Mirna Santana

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