Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Water, Water and More Water!

By Mirna Santana
Something to think about
Maude Barlow in her 2008 book, The Water Covenant, points out that 36 states in the USA are water stressed. This brings the problem home. Water is not a problem only of the developing nations. It is local. Do you which states are water limited? Where do they get water? Do you know how climate change could influence water resources? As a resident of Wisconsin, do you have any knowledge about the Great Lakes agreements on water?
As individuals we also influence the water resources and the water cycle. Could you estimate your impact in the water supply system/water cycle? How much of the water you use is recycled? Do you really need to buy bottled water? If you do, what are the potential consequences for the resource and for the future of water? What about the pollution we all create by using plastic containers? What percent of the water bottles are really recycled? What happen with the rest? These are some of the issues you could discuss in your meetings. In addition, please watch one video about water (your choice) and reflect about it. Did you learn anything you did not know? Do these knowledge influence the way you understand the resource? Does this knowledge prompt any changes in your behavior? There are enough questions for all group members to participate.

Below are a few resources about water:
The Clean Water Act

Activism and water
Google search: Maude Barlow, click videos
Select one video and discuss the problem. If you have an opposite view about this issue find resources to support your case.

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