Friday, November 1, 2013

Obituary: To the young skunk that is gone...

Dead skunk left with a last expression of pain, the last lament.
Were you my neighbor skunk? The one I leave food for? I wonder. We rarely encounter, though you--if that was you, always let me know you have been around. I noticed that you didn't like leftover of bread. I am sorry about the accident. Someone must have not seen you crossing the street. Those dark clothes of yours may not have been safe for the road crossing. At least someone put you on the side, that was nice. Or did you manage to walk in pain, and lie there? How long did you suffer? I am sorry.
You know many people think that animals don't feel pain, but that is not possible. You were a mammal like us, with all those nerves, of course it must had hurt.I see it in your face. And, the feelings?I am sure you have family and friends...I wonder if you ''thought'' of them during those last moments. Did you have feelings? Anger, love...that stuff? Did you have a crush on a lady skunk?
They will count you as another road kill. You know lately, they say the populations of your people are increasing because more of your kind are dying on the roads. Could it be, that you have lost your wild food, your preferred habitat, or that you discovered the trash...and, then it was an easy move.
I wonder whether is good or not to leave the leftovers to share with your fellows that are still here. I hope you didn't die hungry. Can you live forever in a skunk spirit? Good bye!

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