Sunday, November 27, 2016

An Environmental Assessment Needed for North Dakota Pipeline

Why an environmental assessment is required for the proposed pipeline.
1. It is a massive 7500 project crossing several states.
2. The cost- benefit analysis of such project need to be evaluated. Number of jobs/potential cost of environmental damage, land change, and potential spills. Where do the oil will go and to whom it will benefit? According to Bobby Kennedy Jr. the oil will be sent to China and only about 30 jobs will be created. If that is the case, could you said it is worth to risk the water of so many towns?
3. If the pipeline spills it is usually the USA government (tax payers) who will have to pay for repairs and environmental remediation.
4. Which towns -populations- may risk water pollution?
5. What are the implications of creating conflict between Indigenous people and the Corps of Engineers? (aka Government.)