Monday, October 16, 2017

Is your food production poisoning farmers? Ask Prius to ban organophosphates.

Almond, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, walnuts and many other foods we consume routinely may contain vestiges of very toxic chemicals that can cause farm workers to faint, vomit or feel sick said Eriberto Fernandez- United Farm Workers Foundation. Interview: Amy Goodman. Democracy Now. May19. 2017 (1)

Once you know some of the pesticides and agricultural products are highly toxic, wouldn't that motivate you to support a more sustainable food system that supports you, but also the farmers and other people involved.  A way we can achieve this is 1. cultivating organic produce 2. supporting local sustainable farmer cooperatives CSA (organic or no spray) 3.  buying or consuming products grown in sustainable ways- respecting the land and the workers. 4. In rank maybe #1- influencing policy, to create more regulations that support sustainable multi-crop agricultural systems, friendly for people and the environment.

"Consumers, we all eat and we all have a role to play in changing the way American diet operates. [Consumers] can call out local grocery stores or their local assembly to make sure they offer more organic sustainable products."  Eriberto Fernandez (1)

Recently as this month, on May 5th 2017, cabbage pickers farming at the Baker's field, county-California, USA were sickened by what appear to be volatile residues of a previous spraying at a nearby orange orchard. Allegedly the chemical sprayed was Vulcan TM - a chemical from Down, which contains chlrpyrifus. This product was banned as a home products in 2001, but it is still allowed in Agriculture (about 8000 million pounds in the US)said Kristin Schafer -Pesticide Action Network North America (interview by Amy Goodman May 5th, 2017.)

For decades workers and environmental organizations have requested more restricted regulation of organochlorides, the group of chemicals of which this pesticides are part of. This pesticides are in the same group of the agent orange.

Does this chemical pass this simple test to make the American workers safer? It does not appear so.

"Every regulation would have to pass a simple test. Does it makes makes the lives better or safer of America? If the answer is not, we shall get rid of it."--President of USA, Donald Trump. Sitting Next to Down Chemicals Andrew N Liveris.  If the workers or the public get sick, who is responsible,
EPA Prius, director, the president, or Dow Chemical?

Note: written in May 2017. Saved Draft. Released online. Oct 16, 2017. 

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